During the planning stages of the new Bamboo Terrace restaurant at Geronimo’s in Student Housing, CSUN Dining commissioned VISCOM to create a 40-foot-long themed mural as the centerpiece to the newly expanded dining area. Illustrators Sherilyn Ee, Alex Johnson and Kristina Zlatanoz rose to the challenge and the result has been continuously wowing customers since the recent Bamboo Terrace grand opening! Check out these tantalizing images featuring Kristina’s “hungry tiger” illustration and Alex’s “city nightlife” artwork, and read their thoughts about the project and the process…
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alex johnson

Fresh-Brewed Masterpieces!

Like a delicious mocha frappe or a caffeine-charged espresso, the wall art at the new Freudian Sip in Student Housing hits the spot! CSUN Dining hosted an artwork competition to help decorate the new location, and two submissions from VISCOM designers Becca Lasky (creator of “Freudian Six”) and Alex Johnson (creator of “The Persistence of Coffee”) were chosen. Now their work is admired by hundreds of Freudian Sip sippers on a daily basis. Congrats to Becca and Alex, as well as the rest of the VISCOM team members who submitted concepts. Here’s how it all went down…
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Luis Luque

Luis Luque recieves scholarship from VPAC!

Congratulations to VISCOM photographer Luis Luque for receiving a highly sought-after internship position at the Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC). Luis is also being awarded the Mary Bayramian Arts Scholarship — one of the many valuable scholarship opportunities funded by a $7.3 million bequest left by CSUN neighbors Mary and Jack Bayramian.
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The Faculty Learning Videos

The Faculty Learning Videos are a series of short (3-5 minute) instructional videos for new faculty. As part of CSUN’s faculty development program, new faculty members take part by watching each episode, discussing, and implementing the ideas in their own classrooms. Read More


Kyra Key

Designer /  Class of Spring 2015

Kyra Key is a past VISCOM designer who recently graduated and just landed a job at! She really thrived at VISCOM and is ready to share her designs with the world…
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Luis Luque

Photographer /  Class of Spring 2016

Luis is currently our VISCOM photographer, providing images that are used for websites, brochures, magazines, social media, and other projects. Not only does Luis shoot for VISCOM, but he also runs his own business, and can be found taking beautiful wedding photos on weekends. Learn a little more about Luis in this interview…

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Sherilyn “Sherald” Ee

Graphic Designer /  Class of Spring 2016

Sherilyn Ee is in the VISCOM spotlight this week. Sherilyn is a very talented designer here at CSUN. What a lot of people don’t know though is that she is an international student from Malaysia! She has been studying at CSUN for the past four years. Not only does Sherilyn provide the world with beautiful work, but she is always providing endless hugs at VISCOM. You can always count on Sherilyn to greet you with open arms.
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Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 5.12.13 PM

CTVA Student Film Bumper

Have you seen the CSUN Cinema film bumper? It’s definitely impressive, and was created by VISCOM. The CSUN Department of Cinema and Television Arts hired VISCOM to create a new bumper treatment to be used in student films.
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Pacific Office Interiors

One of the very first clients to truly believe in VISCOM’s mission and capabilities was Pacific Office Interiors. POI first hired us back in 2007, and they’ve been a great partner/supporter ever since.

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Jonathon “JK” Kosla

Web Designer /  Class of Spring 2015

This week, we have an interview with recent graduate Jonathon Kosla. His web design skills are impressive, and he can always be found helping fellow students with websites. Here’s an inside look at one of VISCOM’s talented alumni.

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Music To Our Ears!

When the Clavierinet duo of Julia Heinen (clarinet) and Dmitry Rachmanov (piano) wanted to integrate their unique style of music with a new logo and brand identity, they asked VISCOM to develop a full repertoire of design deliverables. Led by project leader Kyra Key and designers Erica Chavez and Victoria Santiago, the VISCOM team developed a new logo, CD package, brochure and event standees…and a new and exciting website design in currently in the works. In addition to creating beautiful music together, Dr. Heinen and Dr. Rachmanov are professors within the CSUN Music Department, so it’s especially rewarding that the VISCOM team was able to deliver an outstanding performance for the duo.


2015 App Jam Winners

Matador Patrol

VISCOM and META Lab members Araik Yegiazaryan, Kyra Key, and Rebecca Koller are the 2015 CSUN AppJam Grand Prize winners. This year, CSUN’s technology department hosted its first-ever AppJam mobile app competition. The students were required to design a working prototype for an app that would either benefit a student’s lifestyle or a student’s finances. All of this was to be completed in a matter of thirty days, while also meeting three specific milestone dates.

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Hi-Rez 2015!

Two talented nights!

On Friday and Saturday, May 1st and 2nd, 37 students from Design Hub and VISCOM displayed some of their best work at the fifth annual Hi-Rez exhibition in the main art gallery. Hi-Rez is a two-night event that gives graduating seniors a chance to share their original designs with industry professionals on the first night, and then with family and friends on the second night.

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Gregory “SpaceBoy360″ Kustanovich

Designer /  Class of Spring 2015

Gregory “SpaceBoy360” Kustanovich is an out-of-his-world designer, and he’s been adding his unique flair to VISCOM since March 2014. Greg is always busy working and recently completed a few high-profile projects, including the New Faculty Yearbook for 2014-2015, the CSUN Center for Disabilities Catalogs, and the LRC Motion Graphics Video.

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VISCOM goes to Yahoo!

A truly inspiring day for VISCOM’s seniors

Over Spring Break, VISCOM seniors, along with Joe and Magdy, hit the road to San Francisco to visit Yahoo!

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Becca “Sunshine” Smith

Designer /  Class of Spring 2015

Becca Smith lights up every room she enters with her bubbly personality! (Hence, her “Sunshine” nickname.) After joining VISCOM one year ago, Becca has worked on many high-profile projects, including the Annenberg Foundation Holiday Card. She brings to the team her leadership skills and her eye for detail, while keeping everyone focused on the goal of each project. For the last several weeks, she has been editing and animating videos for on-campus events and working on CHIME Institute’s branding.

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How Do You Celebrate 25 Years in 88 Seconds?

When the Annenberg Foundation requested a holiday/anniversary video to highlight their 25 years of community involvement and philanthropic endeavors, the VISCOM team rose to the challenge. Team leader Becca Smith oversaw the video’s development, and Evee Bangayan handled the production and animation, based on Kelsey Fiona’s selected storyboard. The end result surpassed all expectations and prompted Annenberg’s Director of Marketing and Communications to praise the VISCOM team for “their hard work, due diligence and creativity [which] reflects the quality of work the Center can provide.”

View it on Annenberg’s web page here!

AMC Calendar


VISCOM Performs for the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication.

Hiring VISCOM to design and produce their Fall 2014 Performance Calendar was just the ticket for CSUN’s Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication. The informative fold-out calendar was mailed out to 200,000 households in and around the San Fernando Valley region. Project leader Jennifer Luxton managed the complex project, which challenged VISCOM designers to incorporate a wealth of information in an organized and attractive manner. Ultimately, Victoria Santiago’s design took center stage and was used for the final printed piece, but it was definitely a team effort that led to yet another outstanding VISCOM project performance!

Ritz-Carlton Logos

Ritz-Carlton “Stamp” Wordmarks… Designed and Delivered.

Chalk up another high-profile design project — and an awesome motion graphics video — for the VISCOM team! When Saputo Design reached out to us to help develop a series of destination “stamp” wordmarks for The Ritz-Carlton and their newly launched app, VISCOM delivered the goods. Project manager Pedro Ramos led our team of designers and we’re thrilled that several designs made the final cut. Read More

Evee Bangayan

Evee “EGGIE” Bangayan

Designer /  Class of Fall 2014

Evee joined VISCOM in 2013, a year after switching her major to Art (CTVA’s loss was our gain). She’ll be graduating in the fall of 2014, but the VISCOM team is keeping her incredibly busy in the meantime as she’s taken full command of our video production team over the past few months. In addition to completing a summer internship at Hamagami/Carroll in Los Angeles, Evee has worked on several high-profile projects, including the Ritz-Carlton stamp animation for Saputo Design, an online holiday card for the L.A. Philharmonic, and the high-flying “Planning Man” video for CSUN’s Department of Academic Resources and Planning, which she illustrated and managed from start to finish.

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Northridge Magazine Covers

Concept Exploration? We’ve Got It Covered!

When CSUN’s University Advancement division needed to explore cover designs for the Northridge Magazine International Issue, VISCOM wowed them with a world of options. Led by project leader Michael Cruz and designer Lindsey Reveche, the team explored a wide range of illustrated and photographic styles to convey an international feel for a magazine whose readership is as diverse as CSUN’s own student population — a point emphasized by an infographic panel within the magazine, which was also designed by VISCOM. Shown here are just a few samples from the extensive cover exploration comprised of more than a dozen design options.

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Garden Visit

VISCOM’s First Annual Bootcamp

As part of an ongoing effort to serve our clients better, VISCOM closed the lids on our laptops for one week in order to provide the team with additional in-depth training during it’s first ever bootcamp. From August 7th to the 14th, the team went through a variety of workshops, field trips, and exercises that grew them as designers, as individuals, and as a team.

Click here to view a day-by-day summary of this week-long training retreat.


Ultimate Exposure - Final Logo (Horizontal)

Ultimate Exposures

Good looks make for good business.

Image is everything when you’re in the photo industry. No one knows this better than Ultimate Exposures, an LA-area photography service, who came to VISCOM to give their business a visual touch-up.
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Class of 2014

Grad Party 2014

Hats (and caps) off to our grads…

After semesters of hard work and long nights, graphic design graduates got to toss their caps in good company at VISCOM and GFX458’s graduate reception after the ceremony on May 19. The event saw the celebration of our seniors and the family and friends that supported them.

CSUN Academic Continuity Planning

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…It’s Planning Man!

The VISCOM team soared to success with a new video created for CSUN’s Department of Academic Resources and Planning. Developed as an internal instructional tool to promote Academic Continuity Planning guidelines to faculty members, the video features an animated, super-heroic Planning Man character that flies through a lively explanation of how faculty can minimize downtime in the event of campus emergencies or other disruptions.

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CSUN Women’s Basketball “Showdown”

Our video has been getting lots of hype! After much time and effort spent working on the storyboard, the actual filming, down to the motion graphics of it all, the VISCOM team proudly presented this video to Coach Flowers and the CSUN’s Women’s Basketball team, and they loved it!

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Ford Focus: Green Revolution

Created in 2008 and winner of the Ford Focus Film Challenge.

A visual metaphor illustrating the consequences of uniformity and the possibilities offered by challenging the staus-quo. With a striking cinematic approach “Green Revolution” leads the audience through a breathtaking narrative where the Ford Focus emerges as the hero. The audience is left feeling that the Ford Focus is a part of a forward thinking generation.

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The Journey of New Faculty

Its Not Easy at First…

At CSUN, Faculty Development seeks to help new faculty learn and grow in a supportive environment. This video was done to demonstrate that very atmosphere and inform new members that they are not alone.

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Strategy Spoken Here.

For Stratiscope, creating opportunities to form strategic partnerships is the name of the game, but when the company needed a strategy for its own graphic design needs, they turned to VISCOM.

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Lenore “What is That?” Melo

Designer /  Class of Spring 2014

Lenore has been on the Viscom team since September 2013 and is set to graduate from CSUN this year with her B.A. in graphic design. Like most of her Viscom co-workers, Lenore contributes to an eclectic mix of graphics-related projects. She recently worked on developing a logo for KCSN, as well as a motion graphics video for the Admissions & Records department’s “My Plan to Graduate” course planning tool.

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LA Phil 2013 Holiday Card

In what is quickly becoming a Christmas tradition, California State University, Northridge’s Visual Communication Center — or VISCOM — has worked for a second straight year with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association to develop and produce its holiday video. VISCOM is a student- and professional-run, on-campus “think tank” that provides creative services and solutions to on- and off-campus clients.

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Another SUPER Success Story!

When client Daniel Nasserian (a former CSUN student and Graphic Design graduate) was looking for a heroic creative team to help complete his new children’s book, Viscom rose to the challenge! We handled the design, layout and production, supervised by project leader Kevin Gonzalez and project designer Daniel Botero. Check out the super results, and grab a copy for yourself!

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Pedro “Pollo” Ramos

Designer /  Class of Spring 2014

Pedro arrived at CSUN in 2009 and will be graduating this spring. He’s been actively involved with Viscom for the last 10 months and has worked on a wide variety of projects. Two of his higher profile clients include the Magic Castle (video and invitation for a local fundraiser) and Ecoponex (new logo design and website development).

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"Tricks Up Our Sleeves"

VISCOM Designers visit The Magic Castle

We got invited to the Famous Magic Castle after finishing off a video promo and landing page for a fundraising event. Pedro, Miguel, Victor, and his date got to enjoy the invitation to the magic show at the Magic Castle.

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"Best. Party. Ever."


The results are in: VISCOM’s seventh annual holiday party was definitely our best yet. Those in attendance used words like “epic,” “awesome,” “spectacular”…and they were just talking about the appetizers! Celebrating at the Orange Grove Bistro made it easier to accommodate nearly 100 guests, including current and past VISCOM members, on-campus faculty and administrative supporters, and our external clients.

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  • IMG_3734-720x480

2013 VISCOM Holiday Promo Card

Viscom created a beautiful set of Thank You cards (designed by our very own Lindsey Reveche) as our holiday gift to CSUN faculty, staff, and of course, our clients…we’re always thankful for them!

Elena Hughes

Elena Hughes


Elena started at CSUN in 2009 as a Graphic Design major, and is set to graduate at the end of 2013. She joined Viscom this past April and has a passion for illustration, but like most of her colleagues here, Elena performs a wide range of duties in order to hone her talents and round out her skill set. She’s worked on high-profile CSUN projects, most notably for Student Housing and The University Corporation, and she especially enjoyed working on a motion graphics video for ECS, one of Viscom’s nonprofit global outreach clients.

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The Wedding Sparks

The Perfect Marriage of Technology and Design

When sisters-in-law Christine and Kasia Sparks asked VISCOM to design a new logo and website that would take their special event rental company to the next level, we quickly said, “I do.” That sparked a wonderful new look for — one that reflects all the style, charm and creativity the company offers its clients.

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Jessica “Night Owl” Pastores

Designer / Class of Spring 2014

Jessica will be graduating this year with a degree in Graphic Design, but she’s already keeping busy serving double-design-duty working at Viscom (since summer 2013) and as an intern at Hamagami/Carroll since the beginning of this year…after completing a 4-month internship at Fox Home Entertainment! At Viscom, she has managed and worked on several high-profile projects, including a campus-wide registration video and the new logo for QuickCopies.

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Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 1.10.20 AM

Lot 5 Media

We’ve Got A Lot To Offer!

When Lot 5 Media needed to create a website that’s as professional and polished as the services they provide, VISCOM made it happen. We showcased the wide range of amenities that Lot 5 provides for production companies, including furnished office space with conference rooms, as well as post-production, online editing and finishing facilities.

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William Moreno


William joined the Viscom team in June of 2012 and is on track to graduate from CSUN at the end of 2013. In addition to honing and utilizing his artistic skills, he has also managed several high-profile projects and enjoys the invaluable experience of interacting with clients and guiding colleagues, although he readily admits that design (especially web design) is his primary focus.

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Krizia Carungocong


Soon after joining Viscom in January of 2013, Krizia proved she could handle most every facet of the creative process, as well as project leadership from concept through completion. Her wide range of duties include design, layout, production, illustrating for video storyboards, and teaching others how to pronounce her name.

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hollywood Bowl flight Poster

The Sky’s The Limit!

Following our successful holiday video card projects for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the VISCOM team was recently asked to create an FAA poster for the Hollywood Bowl to remind local pilots to avoid the Bowl during summertime performances.

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At VISCOM, we’re known for staying connected to the latest advances in technology and education, so it’s no surprise that the university approached our team to design the logo, tagline, posters and web banner for the new myCSUNtablet initiative, which launches in Fall 2013. Visit for more information.

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California Pharmacists Association

Here are some behind the scenes shots of this commercial for CPhA: California Pharmacists Association, the professional society representing all pharmacists in California.

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James Phuong


Standing idly by as an observer for a majority of the time during his college years, James found it a challenge to adapt to the fast-paced working environment of all VISCOM has to offer. Switching off from majoring in architecture to that of Graphic design made the experience somewhat more difficult. However, along the process, he made the discovery that he works at his best when given a tight deadline in a stressful environment. That was when he realized that five years without a car worked to his advantage rather than a disadvantage.

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"Class of 2013"

Let the Commencement Begin…

Immediately following commencement on Tuesday, we held our first-ever graduation reception for VISCOM and GFX458! The event was a casual fun-and-food-filled celebration where families and friends of our new graduates were given the opportunity to tour the VISCOM studio and see where their loved ones have been “living” for the last semester or two.

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Wai Lam


A multi-talented artist who excels in illustration and graphic design, Wai (pronounced “why”…not “way”) joined Viscom in the fall of 2012. As friendly as she is fearless, Wai has worked tirelessly—including nights and weekends—on numerous creative assignments. One of her most recent efforts was a live-action promo video created for CSUN’s Tseng College.

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Elizabeth Hinojosa


Short in stature, but long on talent and personality, Liz has been with Viscom since Summer 2012 and has probably logged in more time at the Center than anyone. Originally a Marketing major at CSUN, Liz soon discovered she had a stronger connection to the artistic side of the business world, so she embraced Graphic Design in order to satisfy her creative passions.

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Jessica Strelioff

Jessica Strelioff


I started working at Viscom in 2011 after transitioning from an illustration major to graphic design. I had taken only a handful of graphic design classes and was eager to learn more. I had heard great things about the opportunities at Viscom and couldn’t say “no” to being a part of it. It was one of the best decisions I made. Not only was I surrounded by amazingly talented people, I also started leading projects which required serious work and gave me the opportunity to interact with clients and other designers. For the next year, I immersed myself into graphic design and Viscom and soaked up everything I could. I came out a very different designer and person.

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Jessica Cacho

Jessica Cacho


Jessica is one of the many talented and creative designers at Viscom. it seems that everything she tries ranging from branding to web coding is always executed with a sense of individuality and style. Jessica’s spare time is occupied by riding her beloved bike, eating Ramen and watching Breaking Bad.

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L.A. Phil 2012 Holiday Greeting

After designing the Los Angeles Philharmonic holiday video card in 2012 year, they decided to come back to us in order to help send off their holiday greetings for 2012: “Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a music-filled new year.”

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The Autry National Center

Viscom recently produced an invitation for the Autry National Center, a history museum dedicated to exploring and sharing the stories, experiences and perceptions of the diverse peoples of the American West. This invitation promoted their La Cena Salon Series, a set of four intimate evenings shared with celebrated artists to explore and honor Latino arts and culture of all forms.

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Experience Silverlake

Making laid-back living mainstream

Silverlake is quite a gem of the wonderfully intimate quirks that define Los Angeles culture. VISCOM was asked to design the typography and motion graphics for the Experience SILVER LAKE video for The Terraces at Waverly community. When there is a project that gives an opportunity to work with members of the community, it is a fantastic learning experience for the students who must take on the task of a professional designer and to serve the needs of the client.

Freshmen Connection

Everyone has been new at some point. To help incoming freshmen adapt to college life, VISCOM produced a video promoting the Building Connections for Success program at Cal State Northridge. The three-minute clip follows the footsteps of students as they explore the resources and relationships around them necessary to succeed.

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CSUN Student Housing… Success Lives Here and You Can Too!

Scripted, starring, shot, and produced by the VISCOM team and associates, Cal State Northridge’s Student Housing Video Tour allows an HD inside look at the various living options for incoming freshman to graduate students with families.

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