Dave Moon


With Dave, it’s all about PASSION and devotion to his family, friends and students. So after successful terms as chair of the Art Department and Interim Dean of the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication, Dave has returned to his roots: teaching and working with students as the Managing Director/Professor of the Center for Visual Communication. He’s proud of the 20 years of industry experience he brings to the Center, but more importantly, Dave just loves meeting new people. So, even if you don’t have specific projects to discuss, just give him a call and he would love to talk to you.

Joe Bautista

Creative Director
Design, Hockey, Saxophone, Teaching… The order changes depending on the day. Right about now its Hockey… But with all four, Joe believes in: keeping things simple, be a fan of the game, don’t do anything unless you put your best effort into it, and to love what you do and know that it matters.

Jung Hong

Creative Director
Jung like good design. Jung don’t like sardine pizza. Jung like long walk on beach. (not alone, weird) Jung think Viscom good for student. Jung help in Viscom crack whip. Jung like whips.

Trevor Greenleaf

Creative Director
Make Dreams happen.



Core Members:

Josh Hernandez

There is not that much to know about Josh other than the fact he loves to have a great time and is very passionate in what he does, that’s pretty much why he does what he does. One of the biggest things to know about Josh is that he loves food and cooking and pretty much anything that has to do with food. Oh and he has this amazing mustard yellow backpack!!!

Marianne Tan

Marianne Tan suffers from middle child syndrome, but that’s okay because it has led to a desire to communicate with others. Fueled by a desire to learn, and some instant ramen, Marianne loves to find new and exciting design elements to incorporate in her work. Previous to joining VISCOM, she worked at the campus newspaper where she received awards from the California College Media Association for her design work. Currently she likes hand made type, 50’s illustrations, 90’s rock, reading books on all subjects and joking about type. She is also learning more about web design and sailing. Both are equally awesome.


Jethro Leynes

Jethro Leynes is currently a full-time student at Cal State Northridge, majoring in graphic design. Abstract expressionists and minimalists, as well as graphic designers like Paul Rand, are some of his influences. One of the things he enjoys doing in his spare time is browsing the web to look for design inspiration. He believes that the web has become another great resource to find good design, network with other aspiring designers, and learn from their works. In the future, Mr. Leynes aspires to work for magazine companies, such as “National Geographic”, “GQ”, or “Details.” He also would love to work for Pentagram design firm in New York City.

Christine Gonda

Christine Gonda is a Graphic Design Major at CSUN. Born and raised in Southern California. Born in July of 1990, Christine embodies the characteristics of the Cancer zodiac sign. She loves illustration, branding, photography and is recently most interested in handcrafted design. Aside from design, she loves her time with family and friends, sports and simple work time at the cafe.


Jed Carandang

Born in the heart of San Fernando Valley and raised on ’90s cartoons and Radio Disney, Jed has always had a love for art, happy music and all things artsy. After taking a graphic design class in community college, he said to himself, “The Force is strong with this one,” and has since been enamored with graphic design. When he’s not designing, he can be found watching the Back to the Future trilogy, browsing video game websites and defending nerd culture by night. Some people (mostly his parents) think he has Peter Pan Syndrome but he firmly believes that every designer should learn to embrace a child-like sense of curiosity, wonder and play. Also, he likes to eat a lot.

Jessica Strelioff

Jessica has been a visual person since she first opened her eyes in the summer of ’89. As a bored fifth grader, she sat in class taking the words on the pages of her textbooks and redesigning them on the margins in her notebook. Little did she know then, but she was already showing early signs of a too-excited, future graphic designer. After taking art classes for years and switching from one art related major to another, Jessica has combined her passions into a wonderful world of graphic design and illustration.


Teodoro Lopez

Has a passion for science and design. And since 2006 has been learning everything possible about designing for the web and print. When not working on design projects you can find him watching re-runs of Law & Order SVU or catching up on Sons of Anarchy.




Alex Brane

Alex has been drawing since childhood so painting and drawing are some of her favorite hobbies. This ties into her graphic design work where she loves creating her own illustrations and type fonts. She has a wide variety of styles from clean and simple to elaborate and edgy.


Chris Rutherford

A child was born in 1990. As he grew, so did his beard. In time, he discovered art and film and corduroy jackets. He can’t bench 135 pounds anymore. He tells people he has his coffee black, but really he doesn’t.



Natalia Leon

Hello! My name is Natalia Leon, I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a senior student here at Csun, finishing up my bachelors in Arts, emphasizing on graphic design. I’m an art lover and I love being in a creative environment, I love coming up with ideas and working with a team to be able to produce them. I like the idea of branding companies and I look forward to having my own business one day. I’m what you call “a people’s person”, I’m all about TRUE team spirit and freedom to express and explore. I’m a laid back designer and I’m not afraid to say it, I like taking time and care into the work, I will definitely ask until I know I get it. I think, I write, I paint, I draw, and I’m a great cook (I’m vegetarian). I been part of the VISCOM team for a while now and it’s been a great learning experience. Doing what I love will always guarantee a good time, and doing what I don’t love, will be my next challenge. I seek for wisdom rather than knowledge.


Carlo Anacta

Carlo is a graphic design major at CSUN and he is really interested in art with a purpose. He is also a very active individual, during his free time he likes to go play basketball, ripstick or play videogames, or just hangout with friends.Carlo also likes to make people smile or laugh in anyway possible. so make sure you’re ready. Why? Because he strongly believes that knowing at least one soul has breathe easier because of he had lived, meant that he has succeeded.

Megumi Kakumoto

Megumi lives in a hidden cabin somewhere in the Pasadena area where trees grow enormously. She seems to eat rice balls as her primary food source. She is into vintage shoes on Etsy. She is also into designing stuff on the computer while she listens to music with her headphones on and wiggles her toes rhythmically.


Brandon Moats

I am Brandon Moats. A quickly-progressing, goal-oriented, workaholic, with a good sense of design, current trends, and loaded with innovative ideas.  A jack of all digital trades. Currently in my last semester at CSUN, and if all goes well, will obtain a BA in Graphic Design. Aside from V1SC0M, I have been interning for Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Crackle.com. My mindset is to never stop what I love doing. Although I have taken many classes, most of my skills have been solidified through hard work, failures, and determination. I like to think it’s more fun that way.


Laura Catudan

A little about Laura Catudan.  Born and raised in Hollywood, she finds plenty of inspiration just by walking down the street.  From a young age, Laura loved to use her imagination and create things. Currently, Laura is on her last year at Cal State Northridge and is making the most of it.  Besides, VISCOM, she is the Vice President of SAGA and currently is interning at Smart Planet Inc.  On a more personal level, Laura loves to keep an open mind and try new things.  She has a slight obsession with hearts and is always spreading the word that LOVE EXISTS.  She believes in staying humble at heart and trying to understand the world around her and her place in it.  All she wants is a simple, happy life.

Jason Byrnes

Jason Byrnes is a graphic design major that loves creating art in any form he can. He likes to express himself through his illustrations, clothing business, photography, and artwork he has gotten tattooed all over his body. He is addicted to typefaces and has a strong passion for music. He loves starting new business adventures and collaborating with other artists. Staying organized, focused, inspired, laughing, and having fun with his work are apart of his everyday routine. He also can’t go a day without drinking a Peach Snapple and watching Family Guy.


Victor Zuniga

Victor is from Mexico City, born on 1988. He is a very curious person, hungry for life but mostly for food. He is lactose intolerant but loves cheese… plays the guitar, the harp and something called the charango. He’s not the best dancer but loves dancing cumbias, merengue, and rock en Español. If you see him tripping, its ok, he is clumsy, but always ready to get back up.


Hardik Pargi

Hello Friends !! I am Hardik Pargi. I was born and brought up in Gujarat, which is the West coast of India. I came to the States 3 years back for acquiring knowledge in field of computer engineering. Curious about how the web works, I was always on the learning spree. I like to adapt to new technologies and improve my knowledge domain. I joined CSUN’s Computer Engineering Program in Fall, 2008. My past employers on the CSUN campus are the CSUN IT and the Sustainability Center. Currently, I am working for Viscom for the same reason ‘KNOWLEDGE’ . My passion is learning about the technologies that drive our world. I am inquisitive, ready for action and I don’t give up, definitely not before trying. I believe in hard work, but if you add some smart work to it you have the best recipe for success. What I love about myself: I can fail but I never give up.


Diana Corredin

Diana is an Illustration major at CSUN and is finishing up her last semester. She loves art, travel, and music.She wants to continue her education, focusing more on graphic design. She loves school and enjoys being in a creative environment. She wishes to continue traveling and learn new customs and cultures so that she can incorporate these ideas in her art. She tries to do her best and is excited to start on her artistic career.